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Most builders focus on building new homes, and only do renovations as a sideline.

Fairfax  Build & Design is different because we specialize in renovations - it’s all we do, and we love it.

What’s more, the skills and processes needed for renovations are quite different from building a new home.

That’s another great reason to choose a specialist renovation building company like Fairfax  Build & Design.

Hector Reyes
Senior Consultant Project Manager

Hector Reyes:

World Traveler Has lived in Chile, Stockholm, Paris, London, Cyprus and now Alexandria Va. 

Hectors experience expand over 18 Years in the building Industry  with over 7 years as a Consultant & PROJECT MANGER.

Hector is passionate about high levels of customer service and constantly looks at how he can make renovating more simple, more fun and less stressful for his customers. His keen eye for detail, high quality standards, innovative thinking and excellent communication are key characteristics of his approach.

 He is an accomplished Project Manager having spent many years managing complex projects.

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