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Fairfax Design & Build keys to success
  1. Process efficiency: 
    Although we can access the best material and labor rates, there’s something even more important! Good project management is key to minimizing costs at every stage. ‘Process efficiency’ is what really sets Fairfax Design &Build  apart, and ensures we have the most competitive offer in the market.

  2. Design Decisions: 
    The cost of a renovation is dictated as much by the overall design as the construction choices. By integrating design into the process rather than separating it as most builders do, Refresh can work with you to make the best design decisions. Detailing the design at the start of the project enables costs to be managed and budgets to be clarified early in the process

  3. Building & Product Knowledge:
    Fairfax  Design & build is a mayor specialist renovation building company in Northern Virginia, which means we’re able to negotiate the best rates.
    We have supply partnerships with some of the largest suppliers in the building industry. They can give the best range of products, services and prices - and we pass these on to you.

  4. Labour rates:
    Fairfax  Design & Build has a wide, established team of trade contractors. Because Refresh carries out so much work across the group, we secure far better rates than a home-owner would get for a one-off project. On top of that, because of our relationship, we have far more influence in ensuring quality workmanship.

Count on us with your.

  1. Home Remodeling

  2. Kitchen Remodeling

  3. Bathroom Remodeling

  4. Basement Remodeling

  5. General Contractor Services

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